Catch of the day #2: Dune Rats – Colour Television

Dune Rats – Sexy Beach EP


Every day, I hold a 2-3 hour prowl of the great youtube catacombs. I don’t always find what I’m looking for, but when I do, I get so excited I wish I could manifest the grooves into a huge flapping sea beast and take a picture of me holding it on my schooner. But I can’t. I can still call it a catch of the day though, and logistically, there isn’t too much of a difference.

I’ve known about the Dune Rats for a while. I watched both of their “Red Light Green Light” videos. There’s the one where they rip as many water bottle tubes as they can a la DZ Deathrays style, and the one where they inflict coked out damage on Coney Island before the guy from Personal and the Pizzas talks about trying to chill out for ten seconds.

I was impressed. They were just goofy enough to be charming, and just sloppy enough to not be taken seriously. I moved on. I watched their video for “Pogo” and was hooked. Their melodic beachy guitar spoke to and warmed my soul. The lyrics are spot on, and the pop sensibility screams out of the track.

At this point, I decided to take my relationship with the Dune Rats to the next level. I began, ever so cautiously, to sift through their Bandcamp page. I clicked on their 2011 EP entitled “Sexy Beach” and immediately had my briefs blown off.

“Colour Television” encompasses everything that the Dune Rats do right. The guitar lick thrashes as the drums bop along. Lead singer Danny croons incomprehensible lyrics and then screams “1 2 3 4!” Its half punk hellhound, half pearly pop jam, and fully excellent.

While I was listening to this song, some guy driving a souped up truck absolutely smashed a Ford Taurus just outside my window. I gave both gentlemen the thumbs up as I blasted it as loud as my hand me down speakers would allow.

Fiends, take a break from Static age tonight. Friends, turn off that damned Local Natives. I present to you, my new pregame ritual, the Dune Rats.



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