Fox’s Poetic Playlist #1

Pat says i have to make a list of some shit I’ve been listening to lately. It’s not that i’m reluctant, I’ve just been taking a little break from spewing out the usual fluff;
Half RockNRoll nutlicking and half a cigarette advertisement.
I’ve been getting more into poetry.. showing off that sensitive side, yanno?

Let’s try to be poetic about this playlist.


Electric – Bass Drum of Death

The bass drum strikes at midnight-
Steel Reserve Spurs a quick cockfight-
When Scott tried to turn on Ween
Right after i put on “Rip This”
I tackled him out the door onto the porch,
and he spilled beer on some chick.
“That’s why this town’s electric.”


The Rue of Ruby Whores – Michael Hurley

I’m standing in the microsoft valley staring at a windmill, and the sun shines on the ladybugs on the prairie grass…
the mill spins slowly as i smile and stare at the memories.. and i’m not talking about the burger boys… i’m grinning and i’m
spinning and i fall onto the blanket that’s been set down with mango tea and lemonade and calvin and hobbes and turkey
sandwiches and everyone i love swaying around me asking me if i’m ok but laughing because they know i am…
i think i’m going to be able to get through this life unscathed. Nothing trippy and no molly drippies… michael
hurley is what made me a hippy.


Power Drowning – Audacity

I don’t know what this song means
I think they were 17
I think its obscene
The way the break down at 1:30 makes me scream like a schoolgirl
And the scene i see goes into a whirl…
but the next song is the weaker track rama donna
so i bliss out like the dali lama,
take a few deep breaths…
and hit Power Drowning again.
276 plays on itunes and counting.


Desire Lines – Deerhunter

That skittering riff is best thing i’ve heard this year
Really kicks me in the ear
Reminds me of sliding down sand dunes
With a full galaxy above me and spirits singing the tune
As i danced with my women in the kitchen and smiled
i wished we were there so i turned up the dial


The Hold Steady – Positive Jam

My friend Nathan Snow said they were the best bar band in the world
I don’t know what that means but i like all the references to dead kennedys
And that explosive riff earned me a noise complaint….that’s always a good sign.



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