Fox’s poetic playlist 2

Let me take this opportunity to welcome all of you to the second installment of my already famed
column, Pathetic playlist poetry. Here, you will find everything you need musically, sonically, sexually, and aestetically. The game goes like this. I stumble upon songs i like, (or recall old ones in a pinch)
scribe sonnets and shit trinkets about them, and then you listen to them. I am not legally responsible for any time
wasted or any offense you may take to my language. I didn’t make most of these words up, i just write them.
With that in mind, enjoy the sequel to last week’s smash hit. “Fox’s Poetic Playlist Part 2”


Venomous Groove salad, drugs is no dunce
Guitar phasers set to stroke
I almost saw the Orwells at benny’s house once…

I had no late ride home and my 40 broke…
Try this band out, they remind me of home
dig that little diddy and the end
and picture the Mushroom kingdom in chrome


Another pitchfolk selection
for all you pretentious fucks
I would have hated this song 2 years ago
maybe i’m growing soft
The only other song i know that has wolf howls in the audio track is dig up her bones by the misfits
i’m trading in my skulls for a fresh patch of furr
Once the molly wears off maybe i’ll get mange.


The cutest little derpy doo wop band
lots of chicago repping on this playlist
out here in montana, but still feel like a homebody
But how could i not, this cuts catchy like a net
When life gives you lemons, twist em in the kitchen


I first heard this song in a subaru, crusing down some avenue
i always thought the only good song off new york was Dirty bolevard
i guess there’s still time to believe in love
Everyone dies together, they just did it sooner


This one is bittersweet. I first heard about Wilco from chris gemkow when i was 15.
I always hated them. i thought they were so goddamn boring.
and they are, but i’m mellowing with age.
I’m like merlot, but the kind you make in a utility sink.
But seriously, it took me 4 and a half years to like this band.
And i still don’t really like this band.
But this song tugs my ticker strings taught,
if i saw tweedy, i’d give him a thumbs up and tell him to cry like this a little more.

Looking over this list of songs, i notice a distinct lack of rock n roll. Sorry guys, it’s been a relaxed few weeks.
Although i did manage to stick a misfits reference in a poem about a pitchfork pre approved priss folk band,
so some punk rock points there… even if it was Graves era.

This playlist has an underlying theme. Many of my pieces do. The theme here is that i’ve been straying from what i’ve loved musically for the last two years or so. That is; Breakneck rock n roll with stupidly bad lyrics that i can scream and drown down and smoke out as i dance wildly in places where it’s not necessarily appropriate to do so.  It’s a tough thing to come to terms with. I haven’t decided to embrace it or snuff it quite yet. Next week will either feature a bunch of songs by Wilco and whoever else the kids are listening to lately, or i’ll just link to “An overdose of death” on youtube and call it a night.

Happy listening, my fellow deadbeats.



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