Fox Jackson Marcodocious and His Third Playlist

Hey everybody, Jacky boy here. Guess what? I’ve gone and found a few more sound smoothies for all the village to sip on. I’ve got a diverse menu today. You’ll find some old favorites, some hot
new players…maybe even a deep cut or two! Not as poetic this week, i mostly used complete sentences.
I’m training myself to be the next hot writer for rolling stone.

Wyatt Blair – Money, Honey


Just caught this LA baby straight off the Lolipop records youtube train..
Akin to the bleeding knees club
more bubblegum, true, but also more charming.
And what’s with all these great songs about money and honey finding their way onto my ipod lately?
FIDLAR’s got that heartbreaking cut “No money no honey”….. Beck’s got one too.
And now this? i sure as shit don’t have any money, but there’s been a jar of honey
sitting on my back porch for a week now and i think it’s frozen solid.
If i wanna get anymore insightful i should probably rid my self of all these bee given possessions.

Obliterations – Mind Ain’t Right

Obliterate your speakers with this turbocharged earache “mind ain’t right.” my girlfriend thinks this song is scary. And maybe it is a little scary,  but damn do i have a thirst to go to a show where the lead singer does more  damage in the pit than any of the fans…
still waiting on that punk scene, Missoula. You’d have to put GHB in my beer to get me to go anywhere near a Dierks Bentley or tribal seeds show.

Creedance Clearwater Revival – Effigy

Here’s that deep cut i was talking about. A whiskey drunk friend of mine (at ten AM) showed me Uncle Tupelo’s version of this song off their anthology album. Hungover appreciation ensued.
After findin’ this Creedance version, we blasted our
body aches away and since then I’ve been screaming “WHO WE BURNIN’?” to anyone who will listen.
I’m waiting for somebody to respond “your brain cells.”

Titus Andronicus – A More Perfect Union

The only thing i like from new jersey besides Tyson Hirsch and the “driving a car on salvia” guy, Titus has this genre that i’m going to dub “Inspire rock” really nailed down. This is the eye of the tiger for emo kids. This is the soundtrack to suburban drag races. Even as i listen to it now, i’ve never been so proud to be a part of
our decaying America before. I don’t support burning this country down, but i’ll sure burn a smoke as i watch vigilantes
save america by breaking into electronics stores.

White stripes – Screwdriver

You guys know who the white stripes are, so i’ll save you the nonsensical dirt bag prose.
It’s some dirty blues. It was recorded in the 90’s.(Retro!) Music for slimy sex and roadhouse cheeseburgers.

Ween – Birthday Boy

In honor of my impending 20th. Psych freak super squad of my dreams Ween serenade us with beehive guitars and skybound hawk vocals in an early cut that was mysteriously spotted in the 90’s alternative rock section of “Itunes Essentials.”

Bill Callahan – Javelin Unlanding

A pleasant cut from a man with a lusty voice. I’ve never seen him before, but i assume he is very tall and looks like Cary grant. A great song if you like flutes, weird percussion, (vibraphone?) and long wooden spears  that are thrown for sport and than never come down.



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