Fox’s Fourth

Wowie guys, its been a steamy minute since i’ve done one of these little playlists.

I’ve been keeping busy… discovering the natural wonders of the world through part time factory jobs and old time literature courses. The music hasn’t stopped though. Here’s a short showcase of the music munchies i’ve been macking on lately:

Tallest Man on Earth – Pistol Dreams

Tallest Man on Earth, the folk moniker for the 5’7″ Kristian Matsson. English is his second language, and his lyrics don’t make much sense.
Don’t let girls wearing baggy sweaters and shoes that look like hooves tell you the weird metaphors are intentional.
Not that i care… I’ve been such a folk brat lately that any sound with Travis picking and cat scratched throat vocals sounds like liquid gold.
This cuts especially sweet.. his croon is a melty mix between Bob Dylan and a tomcat, and when i hear this, my mind recalls forays into
patchouli bedrooms and forbidden campgrounds in national parks.

Mozes and The Firstborn – I Got Skills

This dutch burger records ear worm has been a party anthem in my circle as of late. It’s actually not that good of a song but if you
enjoy anything about modern Rock and Roll this song will make you smile. After the first time hearing this, the sentence
“Skills… I got skills… i got skills… to make it through your doorway” battered around my brain for hours.

Thin Lizzy – Cowboy Song

This one’s incredibly nostalgic for the likes of myself and my old counterpart the Hound.
Fantastic seventies sing along by that band who did “The Boys are back in town.” A truly fitting soundtrack for scorching through those old west Montana towns at 90. Cowboy song features a head bobbin’ verse, semi – hilarious lyrics, and the prettiest pair of guitar solos you ever did see. The icing to this song is the irony of a black Irishmen singing a song about being a cowboy in the old west, and convincing you that he was.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)

UMO are hedgehog Sonic and sugar Sweet. Their sound is not a thread short of silky, and my god are they lyric thoughtful and instrument tight.
Don’t make the same mistake i made for months and write them off as a worse Tame Impala. I described them as such to Pat no more than a month ago when trying (and failing) to convince him to go to Bonnaroo with me. I gave them a second listen and my god their songs are just so pretty and this one is probably my favorite just because of those ever present perfect drums paired with that understated yet powerful chord barrage..
its a neat little package.

Violent Soho – Covered in Chrome

I didn’t like this band at first. This being the first song i heard from them, (Recommended to me by the Dune Rats facebook page, of all
places) i wrote them off as a Nirvana tribute band with a decent accent and an effinity for cringy choruses. But actually, Covered in Chrome is powerful. Listened to correctly, it’s one of those songs that lets you sink into the sludge and just sway your head like a neglected toddler. It starts off with a speckly pop punk guitar lick that sounds suspiciously like Yellowcard. Look onward, he starts singing, the song builds, his voice is good enough. Then the chorus hits. You sort of miss it the first time, and we’re back in the verse.
The change in tempo and sheer volume of sound is sort of remarkable considering how flawless it sounds. You feel the chorus coming again, and as it hits, you start softly banging your head. the third verse doesn’t hit, instead its an incredibly heavy bridge, and suddenly you like this song and black out the second half because you’re going crazy and have this strange adrenaline rush that you get when you hear a gut wrenchingly good song. And then, you play it again. At least, that’s what happened to me.
Listen loud and listen good, this is one of the best rock songs of the last few years.


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