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I write because the thoughts would otherwise bleed through my head. I do not know if I am ambitious anymore, I would just like to tell everyone that since people like to think all else. Everyone should be ambitious but I can never feel it in me forever; every time I go to sleep it seems like I just wake up, not a dream or image comes to my mind except these stale moments where everything I was the day before becomes erased. The poems and stories I write are who I am. They are the only bits of myself that I can keep from each day. Its not amnesia but I lose my head or else I can see these thoughts bleeding through my head. Can't you see that? Everyone else thinks I'm crazy but I do know I am no oddity or artist just that I am breathing words that can make sense even if the images seem blurry or dim.

Sometimes I feel like It’ll All be Alright

What music should I listen to?

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