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When I Saw Andrew Jackson Jihad At The Bottom Lounge With Pat

Pat wanted to leave at nine so we wouldn’t have to sit through the shitty opening acts. (i think there was four of them.)
After learning that Pat’s parents weren’t home i decided to drive out to him early so we could smoke some grass and bullshit
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The Avett Brothers: A Spiritual Experience in Stephans Lake Park

The emotional rollercoaster of seeing one of your all-time favorite musical groups live has been an imprinted feeling on me since I began seeking out concerts to become my only extensive use of money. Around the time I experienced my first music festival at 2012’s Lollapalooza, I was entirely motivated to recapture the elation live music gave to me, specifically that of the shows that sported some of my favorite bands and artists.

Two years and 11 music festivals later, I walked up the Columbia’s Stephans Lake Park trail towards bright lights and a distant acoustic guitar ringing into the night. I was approaching this past weekend’s Roots N Blues N BBQ Music Festival, now in its eighth year, and I was a few hours away from capturing the moment of unfathomable happiness. I was soon to be seeing the Avett Brothers.

A group out of Concord, North Carolina led by brothers Scott and Seth Avett, the Avett Brothers went from a prominently popular rock group who took emotionally sparkling bluegrass, hit the accelerator, and coated it with pop hooks to the biggest roots rock group in the country. After 12 albums and 14 active years, the band continues to display an unbelievable amount of passion in their live performances, while making every show a little different and playing a wide-ranging set list each time.

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Black Lips: Saving souls, one distorted note at a time

The Hound gives this concert  5 out of 5 stars


A four-hour round trip journey on a Monday night is irresponsible in almost any circumstances. In my case, it was very irresponsible.


On Sept. 15, despite a test in two days and a mountain of other busy work calling my name, I set forth on an expedition to see one of my favorite bands for a second time, Black Lips, at St Louis’ The Ready Room. A quartet known for defining the phrase “unruly performance,” the seasoned Atlanta garage rock group have released nearly every form of bodily fluid on stage, formed the most raucous of crowd responses, led club workers to trash their own clubs alongside the destructive attendees and much, much more wicked behavior. These shows are not for the light at heart.


Instead, Black Lips shows, like many punk shows, offer an atmosphere that is while friendly and welcoming, a bit, well musty. There’s spilled beer in your shoes, hair and pockets. There are kids who most likely have never stepped onto a football field charging into each other at full force, while feet hang above attendee’s heads as crowd surfer’s surf on. Tattoos, tight skirts and some gnarly beards are a guarantee. For some, like me, this is what a fun show embodies.

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Comedian-turned-rapper unleashes fiery rhymes on sea of drunk kids

The Hound gives this concert 4 out of 5 stars

The crowd was sinking in its own drunkenness.

This isn’t something shocking for anyone who’s been to an outdoor concert, let alone one sponsored by a concert. Hidden bottles in pants, tucked away flasks, baby chillums in socks. It’s all mischievous teen behavior, and its all fairly acceptable at shows. But when the crowd, as a majority, is hammered, things happen. Not so fun things.

Worst-case scenario, a fight breaks out. Best-case scenario, that dude doesn’t spill his beer (or worse, his meal) on your girlfriend. But the crowd at Washington University in St. Louis’s school sponsored Childish Gambino concert was pretty fucking drunk. I had two guys falling into me and a weave of hair in my mouth for a decent chunk of the show. But believe it or not…it didn’t take the slightest bit away from how fantastic this concert was.

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The Concerts of my Freshman Year

For any music fanatic similar to myself, the only thing that beats the experience of the headphones is the experience of seeing and hearing what you love most right in front of your face. That may be a long-winded way of saying “I love concerts more than my grandma” (guys…I’m kidding…Grammy is the bomb), but I don’t care. I’m taking advantage of the fact that I can use words to describe these live music moments now because, well, I consistently struggle to articulate how I feel about a great live performance minutes after its over.

The overwhelming happiness and shock I have after a show performed right is a crucial reason for why my passion for music is so intense. Nothing may ever compare to seeing The Rolling Stones in Newark in 2012. In addition, one of my fondest memories of high school came from seeing a show in a basement with 75 inch ceilings (FYI, I’m about 73 inches tall).

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Tribute bands are cool–No seriously, they are

I’m just going to come out and say it. I enjoy tribute bands.

There. Now that that’s out of the way, I’m going to explain why I have these said feelings for this said form of musical entertainment. You may choose to write me off as an idiot who wastes his money on subpar phonies imitating the beauty of original, amazing bands—or you can read what I have to say.

On both January 29th and 31st, the Blue Note hosted tribute shows that I witnessed. Before you jump to conclusions on how my night went, let me stop your profiling brain and explain some things.

It was not the stereotypical group of fat dudes in tropical party shirts testing their talents by covering the likes of Jimmy Buffet or Oasis. It was not a set of exclusive hits that the drunk-ass douche lord next to you could mumble along too as they spill their Corona on your girlfriend’s purse. It was not, and I REALLY mean this, a host of karaoke fanatic, poor showmanship-having guys who pollute your precious memories of your favorite group.

It was cool.

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Youth Lagoon: A night of melodic confusion

The Hound gives this concert 2 out of 5 stars

As Trevor Powers and company took the stage Wednesday night, there was a general feel for something peculiar brewing in the musky air of Mojo’s. A storm of psychedelic wonder was about to begin. Youth Lagoon had made it to Columbia.

A dream-pop group led by the brilliantly bizarre Idaho native Powers, Youth Lagoon launched into Pitchfork-status stardom with debut album Year of Hibernation (2009. Contrary to the predominantly dreamy, ambient style from before, their sophomore effort—Wondrous Bughouse (2013)—incorporates a stranger, neo-psychedelia sound to match Powers’ extremely eccentric lyrical style.

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