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Here, the Fox & Hound discuss 5 songs they’ve recently fell in love with and why you should be listening to them

Fox’s Fourth

Wowie guys, its been a steamy minute since i’ve done one of these little playlists.

I’ve been keeping busy… discovering the natural wonders of the world through part time factory jobs and old time literature courses. The music hasn’t stopped though. Here’s a short showcase of the music munchies i’ve been macking on lately: Continue reading Fox’s Fourth


5/14: Finals week soundtrack

Apologies to anyone expecting a discovery playlist in the last 2 weeks. Lets just say college finals were a bit time consuming.


Dirty Hands- Black Lips (Let it bloom-2005)

God, was this rousing punk sing-along great live. A track layered in southern love and grime, “Dirty Hands” is an example of the unpolished beauty early Lips material holds, with the same ferocity they have today.


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4/29: Delightful treats to the ear canal

Miss June 75’-The Brian Jonestown Massacre (Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request-1996)

My personal favorite track about going down on a lovely lady, this song has the psychedelic blues slowness, festering down into a stew of yells and feedback-friendly guitar that BJM carried throughout their career. The mumbling of singer Anton Newcombe explodes into pleading and torment he seems to be expressing, all over an overcast and sensual backing of BJM-certified rhythm.


I Fall to Pieces-Patsy Cline (Patsy Cline Showcases-1961)

This showcasing of the queen of the “Nashville sound” is my personal favorite, as I get overwhelming chills with each listen. Cline redefined vocal presentation in the old school world of country, implementing the pain and fire most female country vocalists attempt (and probably fail) to recreate.

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4/24: An acoustic guitar and his brilliant followers

The High Road- White Denim (Last Day of Summer-2012)


This indie outfit combines a catastrophic blend of garage, pop, and psychedelic arrangements to produce a sound that is only possible with each band member’s level of talent. Starting my personal favorite record of theirs, “The High Road” is magnetic, in the sense that after one listen the melodies stick and don’t stray away.

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4/22: Classics upon classics upon classics upon…

Hurricane – Bob Dylan (Desire-1976)

I fell in love with this epic story-telling track a few years back, but in honor of the recent death of boxer and face of the song Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, I thought I’d acknowledge its significance. The always socially considerate Dylan came across the all too frequent tale of a man (Rubin )who was racially profiled, given an unfair trial and was falsely convicted. He chose, unlike most of us “normal people” would just close the newspaper and say, “Well our country sucks. Off to work,” to write one of the greatest stories protest music ever had. If you don’t know this song, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

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4/20: The Extravagant elements of rock

All I Want- Joni Mitchell (Blue-1971)

Starting off one of the most emotional albums of the 70s, the Queen of California singer-songwriter’s uses simplified yet stunning acoustic guitar chords with honest, reality-check lyrics that signify the artists relationship with similar-powerhouse songwriter James Taylor. It’s a sweet tune to groove to; you cant argue with Mitchell’s pipes.

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4/18: Raunchy Rock for everyone

Tonight’s “Discovery” entry is more of my week’s discovery—and I thought I’d do some clarification for readers. These “discoveries” are more “When wasn’t I in love with this song and what was wrong with me then” than “hey I just heard this and its cool.” They can be new loves, resurrected loves—no matter what, it’s the discovering of something you love today and will love tomorrow, but maybe not yesterday.

Catherine-Paws (Cokefloat! 2012)

Mr. Fox himself had this Bandcamp-certified album posted on his wall, so I of course had to check it out. Simple, sporadic, and young at heart, Paws’ sound is nothing original, but is refreshing, aggressive, and tight.

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