Fox Jackson Marcodocious and His Third Playlist

Hey everybody, Jacky boy here. Guess what? I’ve gone and found a few more sound smoothies for all the village to sip on. I’ve got a diverse menu today. You’ll find some old favorites, some hot
new players…maybe even a deep cut or two! Not as poetic this week, i mostly used complete sentences.
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Falling in love with songs of the season

I am someone who believes an environment can mesh well with the music in between my ears. With summer days spent aimlessly long boarding empty streets flushed with sunshine, I would direct someone to the indie-rock, surf sounds of Real Estate or California lovin’ Crosby, Stills and Nash. In the midst of a hailstorm on the highway, a more chaotic and lively Animal Collective cut would do.

But for the days of cardigans, the evenings of brutal breeze and hoping for another second of Missouri warmth, and the mornings of those darling leaves changing, I never know where to turn musically. The hybrid of summer heat and winter frigidness leads me to a hybrid of hearty rock, mellowed out guitar strumming and sweet,melodic voices pouring out their souls into their songs.

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Fox’s poetic playlist 2

Let me take this opportunity to welcome all of you to the second installment of my already famed
column, Pathetic playlist poetry. Here, you will find everything you need musically, sonically, sexually, and aestetically. The game goes like this. I stumble upon songs i like, (or recall old ones in a pinch)
scribe sonnets and shit trinkets about them, and then you listen to them. I am not legally responsible for any time
wasted or any offense you may take to my language. I didn’t make most of these words up, i just write them.
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Hello hello, and welcome to the second week of playlists. We said we’d keep up, and we are. Waddya know.

I’ve been investing a copious amount of time in recent musical endeavors, coming across brand new songs being released now, while still making my way back to classics that never grow old in spirit. Lots of Mac Demarco when I’m cooking (up something good), lots of Harlem, Diarrhea Planet and together PANGEA while running, and the occasional stroll on campus with Death Grips. And of course, an abundance of classic rock ranging from Paul Simon and James Brown to Count Five and the Lemonheads.

And some other shit.

Anywho, here are my 5 tunes that deserve your attention immediately.

Love always,

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Run the Jewels present furious sophomore effort

The Hound gives this album 4 out of 5 stars

For most masters of independent music, if major success is ever to come, it’s probably not coming when the musician is on the cusp of turning 40. Both Killer Mike, 39, and El-P, also 39, have broken barriers for middle-aged hip-hopsters, as the two enjoy immediate critical acclaim for their second album together, Run the Jewels 2.

With a rich history that involves creating labels, living the lavish celebrity lifestyle, ending labels, rapping on Outkast songs and more, you could say Killer Mike and El-P have lived unconventional musical lives. Killer Mike was a major element to the ‘90s underground hip-hop scene in the South, specifically his home base Atlanta, Georgia. Despite his role in the growing popularity of gritty, politically fused Southern rap, Mike never achieved the sensational celebrity achieved by his fellow Atliens (if you don’t realize that’s an Outkast reference, don’t bother reading on).

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Fox’s Poetic Playlist #1

Pat says i have to make a list of some shit I’ve been listening to lately. It’s not that i’m reluctant, I’ve just been taking a little break from spewing out the usual fluff;
Half RockNRoll nutlicking and half a cigarette advertisement.
I’ve been getting more into poetry.. showing off that sensitive side, yanno?

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Playlist #1

Hello my wonderful babes,

It has been a hot minute since I granted you sweetums with a “Discoveries of the Day” post. That’s because, like most teenagers, I stopped doing the thing I promised myself I would do everyday after less than a month. So, I’ve decided to REINVENT MYSELF. Not actually, but both Mr. Fox and I will be contributing a playlist of five bangin’ tracks we feel our readers should get down on every week. And we really think we may stick with it this time. Maybe.

Anyway here’s some words about some songs that are for your health. Read it, live it, love it, but most importantly, go listen to the fucking songs.


Love and cream cheese,

The Hound

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