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Singing about love without bullshit: The Father John Misty Story

The Hound gives this album 5 out of 5 stars

Father John Misty has presented 45 minutes of music that takes an outlook on love so original listeners will be weeping tears of bliss, heartbreak, sadness and laughter all throughout each second.

After reigning as drummer/godlike harmonizer in indie-folk group Fleet Foxes and releasing multiple solo albums under his real name Josh Tillman, the moniker of Father John Misty was created. The character evolved into the Jim Morrison-meets-modern day cynic/lady swooner that released the critically acclaimed psychedelic-folk Fear Fun (2012) and amazed audiences with his semi-deranged onstage banter and the mind-blowing delight his voice can bring.

With his most recent output I Love You, Honeybear, Tillman takes storytelling alongside a delicate acoustic guitar and a beautiful, Laurel Canyon-esque production to a place of raw honesty and truer-than-true romantic confession. Labeled by Tillman as a concept album “about Josh Tillman,” nearly every song’s lyrical content has a strong influence of the artist’s recent marriage to photographer Emma Elizabeth Tillman.

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The Avett Brothers: A Spiritual Experience in Stephans Lake Park

The emotional rollercoaster of seeing one of your all-time favorite musical groups live has been an imprinted feeling on me since I began seeking out concerts to become my only extensive use of money. Around the time I experienced my first music festival at 2012’s Lollapalooza, I was entirely motivated to recapture the elation live music gave to me, specifically that of the shows that sported some of my favorite bands and artists.

Two years and 11 music festivals later, I walked up the Columbia’s Stephans Lake Park trail towards bright lights and a distant acoustic guitar ringing into the night. I was approaching this past weekend’s Roots N Blues N BBQ Music Festival, now in its eighth year, and I was a few hours away from capturing the moment of unfathomable happiness. I was soon to be seeing the Avett Brothers.

A group out of Concord, North Carolina led by brothers Scott and Seth Avett, the Avett Brothers went from a prominently popular rock group who took emotionally sparkling bluegrass, hit the accelerator, and coated it with pop hooks to the biggest roots rock group in the country. After 12 albums and 14 active years, the band continues to display an unbelievable amount of passion in their live performances, while making every show a little different and playing a wide-ranging set list each time.

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Jake Bugg Album review: Shangri La

The Hound gives this album 3 out of 5 stars

Young artists with promise are refreshing. Young artists with promise who understand the level of maturity their music deserves are the ones who may actually make it. Jake Bugg, the UK singer-songwriter, is a mere nineteen years old and already on his second LP. After releasing his self-titled debut, Bugg has returned with his second album in the last fourteen months, Shangri La. Even with the quick turnover of material, Bugg has proven to be more than capable of continuing his output of a meld of retro folk with scorching contemporary rock riffs, all matched with genuine lyrics of hurt and hardening with age.

Bugg, a George Harrison lookalike, creates a sound that incorporates greats ranging from the Everly Brothers and Elvis Presly to Oasis and early Arctic Monkeys. With a working class acoustic base and rapid-fire vocals, his folk rich tracks show off his vocal range and crafty lyrics. After first picking up a guitar at twelve, it took just a year for him to begin composing his own material. Since then, the baby-faced rocker has gone beyond the average teenage standards, releasing a critically acclaimed debut album and toured the world.

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Love’s Crushing Diamond full of melodic breeze and bliss

Beauty is an adjective placed upon music that touches a fan. With that in mind, any challenged fanatic can make the argument that Lana Del Rey and Led Zeppelin hold equal levels of loveliness. However, some music thrown at a listener just has a certain sound that just screams beauty. Continue reading Love’s Crushing Diamond full of melodic breeze and bliss