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Playlist 5 – Acid Surf, Peyote Western

Oh, my estranged music mashers from lands east and west. How are you? You wouldn’t believe how electrifying it is to blast you with ironic conversational tone once again. Is this blog back from the grave? I doubt it. Pat’s blowing up your newsfeed with pictures of national landmarks and I’m only about halfway through watching every WWE royal rumble. But as i was daydreaming and weaving through sluggish and dazed Montana traffic today, i thought of this ghost of projects past. There’s so much to update you on, there’s been monumental musical mood swings. I’ve discovered and smashed headfirst into jazz. I’ve sworn off and begged back dream pop, wicker park indie, and burger core. I sold out and bought into the spotify generation, mainly so i could make scatter plot playlists with bizarro titles like “Chicken feed for the children” and so on and so forth. Time goes on. But above all this I’ve been listening. I mean really listening. What else is there? A short summary: Continue reading Playlist 5 – Acid Surf, Peyote Western


Fox’s Fourth

Wowie guys, its been a steamy minute since i’ve done one of these little playlists.

I’ve been keeping busy… discovering the natural wonders of the world through part time factory jobs and old time literature courses. The music hasn’t stopped though. Here’s a short showcase of the music munchies i’ve been macking on lately: Continue reading Fox’s Fourth

Fox’s poetic playlist 2

Let me take this opportunity to welcome all of you to the second installment of my already famed
column, Pathetic playlist poetry. Here, you will find everything you need musically, sonically, sexually, and aestetically. The game goes like this. I stumble upon songs i like, (or recall old ones in a pinch)
scribe sonnets and shit trinkets about them, and then you listen to them. I am not legally responsible for any time
wasted or any offense you may take to my language. I didn’t make most of these words up, i just write them.
With that in mind, enjoy the sequel to last week’s smash hit. “Fox’s Poetic Playlist Part 2” Continue reading Fox’s poetic playlist 2

Fox’s Poetic Playlist #1

Pat says i have to make a list of some shit I’ve been listening to lately. It’s not that i’m reluctant, I’ve just been taking a little break from spewing out the usual fluff;
Half RockNRoll nutlicking and half a cigarette advertisement.
I’ve been getting more into poetry.. showing off that sensitive side, yanno?

Let’s try to be poetic about this playlist. Continue reading Fox’s Poetic Playlist #1

When I Saw Andrew Jackson Jihad At The Bottom Lounge With Pat

Pat wanted to leave at nine so we wouldn’t have to sit through the shitty opening acts. (i think there was four of them.)
After learning that Pat’s parents weren’t home i decided to drive out to him early so we could smoke some grass and bullshit
for an hour or so. Continue reading When I Saw Andrew Jackson Jihad At The Bottom Lounge With Pat

A Reaction to Morning Teleportation’s “Expanding Anyway”

I started the day with bloodshot eyes and a bowl of cinnamon toasters with extra cinnamon, as i did every morning.
As i wandered out of the cafeteria trying to find my place in that collegiate world of elongated snowfall and brown cardigans – still dazed from the stolen chardonnay and Pabst blue swill of the previous night – a dampened spark of familiarity lit my eyes as i looked upon my friend the captain hustling smokes out of equally hungover and psychotic, (but maybe less jaded) denizens of the Missoula nightlife. I grunted, “hey, forget those, lets hit holiday and pick some up ourselves.”  Continue reading A Reaction to Morning Teleportation’s “Expanding Anyway”