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A love letter to Dave Grohl

Dear Dave,

First off, I would like to thank you for looking equally majestic with long hair as you do with short hair. Its just uncanny the level of intensity and warmth that you supply, whether sporting the simple soul patch or the full goatee. Similar to your musical endeavors, it’s nearly impossible to provide anything mediocre. Also Nirvana was decent, I guess.

Now that I got the more embarrassing side of the laundry list of praising I have out of the way, I’d like to move onto recognizing your latest project, the album/documentary series Sonic Highways.

Here’s the thing, David. Can I call you David? Great, I feel like we’re on that level too. Anyways, to put it bluntly, I think the documentary series is the greatest thing created since heated bathroom floors. Actually, fuck it. It’s better.

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Falling in love with songs of the season

I am someone who believes an environment can mesh well with the music in between my ears. With summer days spent aimlessly long boarding empty streets flushed with sunshine, I would direct someone to the indie-rock, surf sounds of Real Estate or California lovin’ Crosby, Stills and Nash. In the midst of a hailstorm on the highway, a more chaotic and lively Animal Collective cut would do.

But for the days of cardigans, the evenings of brutal breeze and hoping for another second of Missouri warmth, and the mornings of those darling leaves changing, I never know where to turn musically. The hybrid of summer heat and winter frigidness leads me to a hybrid of hearty rock, mellowed out guitar strumming and sweet,melodic voices pouring out their souls into their songs.

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When I Saw Andrew Jackson Jihad At The Bottom Lounge With Pat

Pat wanted to leave at nine so we wouldn’t have to sit through the shitty opening acts. (i think there was four of them.)
After learning that Pat’s parents weren’t home i decided to drive out to him early so we could smoke some grass and bullshit
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A Reaction to Morning Teleportation’s “Expanding Anyway”

I started the day with bloodshot eyes and a bowl of cinnamon toasters with extra cinnamon, as i did every morning.
As i wandered out of the cafeteria trying to find my place in that collegiate world of elongated snowfall and brown cardigans – still dazed from the stolen chardonnay and Pabst blue swill of the previous night – a dampened spark of familiarity lit my eyes as i looked upon my friend the captain hustling smokes out of equally hungover and psychotic, (but maybe less jaded) denizens of the Missoula nightlife. I grunted, “hey, forget those, lets hit holiday and pick some up ourselves.”  Continue reading A Reaction to Morning Teleportation’s “Expanding Anyway”

Catch of The Day #3: White Fang – Chill Yourself

Not sure how I found this one. I think I was trying to find interviews with the Mean Jeans. This will easily be the most polarizing piece of music I have posted to date. This song has the power, balls, and gumption to split apart century old treaties, or at least your relationship. Continue reading Catch of The Day #3: White Fang – Chill Yourself