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Hello hello, and welcome to the second week of playlists. We said we’d keep up, and we are. Waddya know.

I’ve been investing a copious amount of time in recent musical endeavors, coming across brand new songs being released now, while still making my way back to classics that never grow old in spirit. Lots of Mac Demarco when I’m cooking (up something good), lots of Harlem, Diarrhea Planet and together PANGEA while running, and the occasional stroll on campus with Death Grips. And of course, an abundance of classic rock ranging from Paul Simon and James Brown to Count Five and the Lemonheads.

And some other shit.

Anywho, here are my 5 tunes that deserve your attention immediately.

Love always,

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Benjamin Booker channels early rock influences on fantastic debut

The Hound gives this album 4 out of 5 stars

Benjamin Booker is launching a new landscape for modern rock music.

The only issue with this “new” and refreshing sound is it’s not new at all. It’s the old sound he’s worshipped his whole life; the James Brown funk lines, the Chuck Berry guitar hooks, the raspy growl of Tom Waits, the punk-fueled aggression of the Love Club. However, Booker establishes himself as a truly original act with the construction of all these influences, melted down and brandished into his own garage-rock wonder.

With his debut album, Booker, 25, presents the boogie-woogie backdrop of ‘50s rockabilly against a raucously destructive garage rock sound perfected by the likes of Georgia flower punks Black Lips and our generation’s guitar titan Jack White (who Booker opened for on White’s Lazaretto tour this summer before even publicly releasing any material).

With a voice that invokes a 60-something blues player after years of chain smoking under his belt, Booker is branched in New Orleans after relocating from Florida, is something new and fresh. He’s been officially active in the music industry for two years, yet his debut album, self-titled as Benjamin Booker(ATO Records) and released in late August, is something of a whirlwind blast from the past being hailed by both critics and musicians alike.

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St. Vincent brings horns, guitar fuzz, and creative leaps with latest album

The Hound gives this album 4 out of 5 stars

St Vincent has returned with a bang. But not a normal bang. A fuzz-fueled chaotically rocking bang, with a side of luscious love ballads and electro-poppy gems. You’d think collaborating with the legendary lead singer of the Talking Heads, David Bryne, would leave the rest of her career dry and flat-lined. Think again.

St. Vincent, the stage name for Oklahoma native Annie Clark, offers insight on love and the modern world of technology, with rich textural sound encompassing upbeat melodies and her trademark beautifully sounding voice, on her self-titled fifth album, St. Vincent. Clark uses her instrumental abilities to connect with her audience, giving creamy, glazed baroque-pop sound imaginative lyrics and a place to work magic.

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Tribute bands are cool–No seriously, they are

I’m just going to come out and say it. I enjoy tribute bands.

There. Now that that’s out of the way, I’m going to explain why I have these said feelings for this said form of musical entertainment. You may choose to write me off as an idiot who wastes his money on subpar phonies imitating the beauty of original, amazing bands—or you can read what I have to say.

On both January 29th and 31st, the Blue Note hosted tribute shows that I witnessed. Before you jump to conclusions on how my night went, let me stop your profiling brain and explain some things.

It was not the stereotypical group of fat dudes in tropical party shirts testing their talents by covering the likes of Jimmy Buffet or Oasis. It was not a set of exclusive hits that the drunk-ass douche lord next to you could mumble along too as they spill their Corona on your girlfriend’s purse. It was not, and I REALLY mean this, a host of karaoke fanatic, poor showmanship-having guys who pollute your precious memories of your favorite group.

It was cool.

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Catch of the day #2: Dune Rats – Colour Television

Dune Rats – Sexy Beach EP


Every day, I hold a 2-3 hour prowl of the great youtube catacombs. I don’t always find what I’m looking for, but when I do, I get so excited I wish I could manifest the grooves into a huge flapping sea beast and take a picture of me holding it on my schooner. But I can’t. I can still call it a catch of the day though, and logistically, there isn’t too much of a difference. Continue reading Catch of the day #2: Dune Rats – Colour Television