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Fox’s Poetic Playlist #1

Pat says i have to make a list of some shit I’ve been listening to lately. It’s not that i’m reluctant, I’ve just been taking a little break from spewing out the usual fluff;
Half RockNRoll nutlicking and half a cigarette advertisement.
I’ve been getting more into poetry.. showing off that sensitive side, yanno?

Let’s try to be poetic about this playlist. Continue reading Fox’s Poetic Playlist #1


Some Love For Twin Peaks

Time to spit a little ramble about the Chicago-bred butter punk outfit twin peaks, prepare yourself kids.

Our story begins in the naive, formative years of my 2nd and 3rd year in high school, when i first became aware
of the pizza punk band Twin Peaks. I refer to these times as naive due to how i convinced myself that Twin Peaks were nothing more than a supporting act for the Orwells..                                                          How dastardly wrong i was… Continue reading Some Love For Twin Peaks

When I Saw Andrew Jackson Jihad At The Bottom Lounge With Pat

Pat wanted to leave at nine so we wouldn’t have to sit through the shitty opening acts. (i think there was four of them.)
After learning that Pat’s parents weren’t home i decided to drive out to him early so we could smoke some grass and bullshit
for an hour or so. Continue reading When I Saw Andrew Jackson Jihad At The Bottom Lounge With Pat

Catch of the day #4: Foxygen – Alive! Alive!

In the middle of the summer of 2013, I made an exciting and riveting discovery. A discovery concerning the San Francisco psychedelic super duo Foxygen. Who are “Foxygen” exactly? Well, my dear child, you need only read the titles of the band’s two officially released albums: “Take the kids off Broadway” and “We are the 21st century ambassadors of peace and magic” to get a potent whiff of the nature of their sorcerous sounds. Continue reading Catch of the day #4: Foxygen – Alive! Alive!