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A love letter to Dave Grohl

Dear Dave,

First off, I would like to thank you for looking equally majestic with long hair as you do with short hair. Its just uncanny the level of intensity and warmth that you supply, whether sporting the simple soul patch or the full goatee. Similar to your musical endeavors, it’s nearly impossible to provide anything mediocre. Also Nirvana was decent, I guess.

Now that I got the more embarrassing side of the laundry list of praising I have out of the way, I’d like to move onto recognizing your latest project, the album/documentary series Sonic Highways.

Here’s the thing, David. Can I call you David? Great, I feel like we’re on that level too. Anyways, to put it bluntly, I think the documentary series is the greatest thing created since heated bathroom floors. Actually, fuck it. It’s better.

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Dave Grohl delivers astounding look at countries musical history

The Hound gives this episode 5 out of 5 stars


While I waited for the premiere of the HBO TV documentary series “Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways,” Friday night, I knew I was about to embark on a musical journey with the names and sites I’ve been learning about since I fell head-over-heals in love with music. Additionally, the familiarity of this episode’s material would be even stronger, as it centered around the deep roots of American music in my hometown: Chicago.

Now, going into the viewing, I had an unabashed bias, as Dave Grohl, lead singer and guitarist of the Foo Fighters and former drummer of Nirvana, happens to be my favorite human being to ever grace the world with their musically monumental presence. Grohl not only is one of modern rock ‘n roll’s biggest names as a musician, but also as a fan. In 2013, he produced and directed the fantastic rock documentary “Sound City,” which focused on the iconic Los Angeles recording and it’s hand in generating some of the most critically acclaimed albums of the last 40 years.

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